We believe in a commitment to providing better-for-you options that offer meaningful differentiation, innovative thinking in new product development to generate excitement at the point of consumer choice, and the highest level of food safety and security to protect our customers' reputations.


Experience how you can build your ideal snack

  • Base GrainsBase Grains
  • Add-insAdd-ins
  • TextureTexture
  • Chip SizeShape & Size
  • SeasoningsSeasoning
  • PackagingPackaging

Product Configuration Options

The primary structure of the chip

  • Pelletized: A wide variety of bases available, including Potato, Wheat, Soy, Rice, and Corn, processed to optimize consistency of popped chip can also include specialty ingredients (e.g. chickpea blend, fruit or veggie chips)
  • Raw Grain: Rice, Corn, minimally processed to deliver nutritional and aesthetic benefit

Base Grains

Product Configuration Options

Supports claims and visual appeal

  • Peas, Pulses, and other Veggies: Unprocessed to deliver nutritional and aesthetic benefits
  • Seeds: Sesame, flax, pumpkin, and others
  • Grains: Oats, Quinoa and other ancient grains


Product Configuration Options

For optimal mouthfeel

  • Single Compression: Rice cake style texture, airier bite
  • Double Compression: Chip-like texture, crisper and denser
  • Die-induced embossments: e.g., ridges, to offer visual and textural cues


Product Configuration Options

To signal Taste and Texture Expectations

  • Round or Oval: Potato chips or rice cake
  • Square: Cracker or pita chip
  • Triangular: Tortilla chip
  • Mini Rounds and triangles: Ideal for single-serve and portion control packs
  • Custom: With customer investment in dies


Product Configuration Options

Sweet or Savory, Healthy or Indulgent

  • Dry Tumbled: Lightly oiled and a virtually limitless array of flavor profiles
  • Slurry: Higher oil content, but more focused flavor and indulgent mouthfeel
  • Glaze: Can be caramelized after application
  • Compound Enrobing: Drizzle or fuller coverage options


Product Configuration Options

A Wide Range, Offering Flexibility in Positioning

  • Single Serve: Packed in caddies or cartons
  • Pillow Pack: Up to 24 ounce Club Pack
  • Big-in-Box More premium, cracker-like positioning
  • Quad Seal: Premium look for premium positioning
  • Displays and Shippers: To maximize your merchandising efforts



The snack business is driven by novelty and innovation. At Ideal, innovation is in our DNA; we have the insight and experience to help you build your next winning product.

Our on-site Innovation Center allows for maximum flexibility in a pilot-scale facility. Whether we are developing a bespoke formula to fit your needs or working jointly to bring your vision to life, we can react nimbly using our dedicated R&D popping and seasoning equipment.

For scale-up, it's a short step (well, a short walk across the parking lot) to full trials on production equipment. Scale-up trials and commercialization can be planned and executed quickly, so you can get to market fast.

At Ideal Snacks our commitment to innovation is evident in our continual investment in knowledge, development, equipment, and people.



Ideal Snacks is commited to high quality manufacturing. Today we produce on over a dozen lines in a GFSI-certified 300,000 square foot facility in Liberty, NY, using our own patented and proprietary popping equipment. Ideal continues to build our manufacturing capabilities in popping, flavoring, and packaging, to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of snacking.

Popping Equipment

Our patented and proprietary popping technology was developed in-house by Ideal's engineering team. Our process allows for more precise dosing of grain and superior control of temperatute and pressure, resulting in the most consistent product available on the market.

Seasoning Equipment

Ideal offers a variety of seasoning options. We can offer the same tumbling process typically found in snack plants, and beyond that we have the ability to apply a sweet glaze or a drizzle of enrobing.


Our Yamada and Ishida scales offer top-of-the-line weight control, and feed vertical-form-fill-seal baggers that can flex from single serve/portion control all the way up to Club packs. For a more premium presentation, we can provide quad seal bags.

Food Safety/QA

Our GFSI-certified facility is under the supervision of our crack QA staff. In-process quailty measurements are taken in two labs right on the production floor, and careful cleaning and pre-op testing is standard operating procedure when handling gluten-free products. With SQF audit scores consistently in the 90's, you can be confident that we are providing the utmost in quality assurance to protect your brand.

square feet

Pounds of Capacity



Evolve consumers to a better-for-you snacking behavior by providing snacks that are healthy and delicious. We are a unique contract snack manufacturer with products that take a holistic approach to healthy snacks through taste, texture, aroma, ingredients and health benefits.

When working with Ideal Snacks you are collaborating with the world leader in development and commercialization of high quality, great tasting and better for you snacks.



Gunther Brinkman | VP Contract Manufacturing

With over 20 years of experience in the baking business, Gunther brings a diverse background informed by extensive cross-functional experience to bear in leading Ideal’s Contract Manufacturing and Private Brands business.

Prior to joining Ideal, Gunther held leadership roles in Sales, Marketing, Organizational Development, Information Technology, Customer Service, Product Development, and Transportation & Logistics for Interbake Foods, the US biscuit arm of Weston Foods. His last three years at Interbake were spent managing their Contract Manufacturing business and External Manufacturing efforts.

Gunther earned his BA in Political Economy at the University of Michigan, and his MBA at the Darden School at the University of Virginia.

In addition to his role at Ideal, Gunther serves on the Board of Directors for the Richmond, VA chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth.

Paul Nardone | CEO

Paul is a proven consumer packaged goods executive with over 25 years of experience successfully leading and growing innovative food and beverage brands, with a focus on strong sales, marketing and brand-building strategies.

Paul’s prior experience includes serving on the Board of Directors of Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP and as President & CEO of Immaculate Baking Co. from 2008 to 2013, where he led the company to become the top-selling natural brand in the $2 billion refrigerated dough category before it was acquired by General Mills. Nardone’s career in the better-for-you space began in 1993 at Annie’s Homegrown, where he served as CEO from 1999 to 2004.

Dan Morgan | President & Chief Sales Officer

Dan recently served as Chairman of the Snack Food Association, the international trade association of the snack food industry, and has 27 years of relevant sales and management experience.

Prior to joining BFY Brands, Dan was the Chief Sales Officer of Synder's-Lance, Inc, a leading manufacturer and marketer of snack foods, where he was responsible for managing all the company's direct store delivery "(DSD)", direct and export sales. Before joining Snyder's of Hanover in 2002, Mr. Morgan helped launch two successful food and snack companies, Patriot Snacks and before that Bay State Snacks.

Jesse Shultis | VP of Operations

Jesse has 14 yrs of manufacturing experience in the light snack category, overseeing the growth of the company from 12MM lbs capacity to 70MM lbs at our Contract Marketing site in Liberty, as well as overseeing the growth of our branded business up to 30MM lbs of capacity. Jesse's background in culinary has helped him to support and oversee our R&D department and led the development of many “Better For You” snacks in market today. Jesse has over 20 years of experience in management roles in multiple commercial food settings.


Are you GFSI certified?Yes, we carry SQF certification.

What is the shelf life of your snacks? With our standard packaging structures, the shelf life of the vast majority of products we manufacture is 9 months.

Can you make Non-GMO Project Verified products? Yes, we currently have a number of items Verified.

Can you make Vegan products?Most of our Non-Dairy products are Vegan, we can formulate to a Vegan standard.

Do any of your products contain gluten?The majority of our products are gluten free, and we are supervised by the Gluten Intolerance Group, which gives us the right to use the GFCO mark on qualifying products. However, since some of our products do contain wheat, we are not a gluten-free facility.

Can you make Certified Organic products?Yes, we work with Oregon Tilth to certify our organic products.



Ideal Snacks is here to raise the bar in snacking and we are looking for talented people to help us achieve that goal. Our employees are our most valuable resource and we operate as a team dedicated to the growth and development of all members of our company. We believe that through the growth of our employees we can most effectively exceed all expectations, internal and external.

With two manufacturing facilities based in New York’s Hudson Valley Region, a sales & marketing office in Massachusetts and a nationwide sales team, there is certainly a way to find the role that is “better for you”!

We are always looking for talented individuals who have a manufacturing background or experience in the snack food industry.

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